Harleen McLean Design

Harleen Mclean is an internationally recognized interior design studio dedicated to integrating well-being into aspects of design. We understand that the surrounding environment can influence our everyday emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. Harleen Mclean has developed a signature design code from which more inspired, healthier and mindful living and working habits can flow. By working with your internal state, Harleen Mclean can transform your interior space and built environment for the promotion of your personal well-being.

Meet Our Founder

Harleen Mclean – CEO & Creative Director

Harleen Mclean, our CEO and inspiration for the brand, has provided life coaching to over 25,000 professionals and holds a deep understanding into human behaviour and habits. She has been an interior designer for clients spanning the globe with more recent projects in US, Kenya, Qatar, and London and has a love for nature and passion for healing. This vast experience and expertise lent itself for Harleen to conceptualise how interiors and the built design can support human well-being and healing. She has conceptualised a pioneering design for well-being for interiors coined Oikos, named after the ancient Greek term for integrated living, family and community.