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Biophilic eDesign Service

Meet your eDesigner online. It’s easy with Harleen McLean Biophillic eDesign Services. From the very first meeting we will take you through a step-by-step process to bring your dreams to reality. Through Zoom calls, text, whatsapp, and conventional contact we create your Biophillic design plan. Get started today with the steps below and your FREE 30 minute Biophilic EDesign consultation.


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Your first 30 minute call with our  Biophillic  Designer will enable us to evaluate your needs based on the your project and what would be the best EDesign package for you.

Share with us your vision. You can fill out our survey here (CLICK)

With your vision and the details from Step 2 we can address your individual needs and the outcome you desire. We will revise and adapt appropriately to geographical, regulatory and COVID changes that come about.

During this step we will ask you lots of questions and toss the ball backwards and forwards so that we cover all aspects of your ultimate plan.

Step 2

Chose your Biophilic EDesign Package below

Once you have selected your Biophilic EDesign Package, simply send us your plans, ideas, videos and photographs. They don’t need to be detailed as everything will evolve and become clearer as we progress.

Perhaps you’d like a site/home visit from your designer?

Step 3

Create Your Master Plan

We create your master plan. During this step we deliver to you the way forward, its your blueprint of your project. 

We deliver the design, and then redesign where necessary. Once you have your plan you may see things clearer and eliminate or add details. We will keep designing until you are happy.

Step 4


Your 2D or 3D renderings are available for you to review.

We will walk you through your new space before a nail or brush has been lifted. We will talk you through the ideas, finishings, concepts, products, and changes so that you are completely in charge of your project.

It’s important to be able to visualise the final outcome.

Phew! Well done.

Step 5

Breaking Ground

We now bring the whole project together. We use our expertise to source the best products for your needs, negotiate prices, gather swatches, review samples… making sure all samples actually look/feel like their advertised image before you commit.

We will be on site via your updates, pictures and videos, coordinating with you the renovations, changes and transformation.

This process can be a minimum of 4 weeks but generally can take longer depending on the time frame you have.

Step 6

Red Ribbon

Congratulatlions you have created an original project with your vision and ideas, and our expert guidance.

eDesign Consultancies are the virtual solution to distance, restrictions and time constraints. We’re only a click away


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