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Mood Board and Colour Consultations

Looking for creative Biophilic inspiration? Need help picking out the perfect colour palette, materials and furnishings?

Kick start your biophilic Biophillic transformation with a Harleen McLean Biophillic mood board. A cost-effective alternative to our full Biophillic design service, it provides you with the personalised design advice and guidance you need to bring your biophilic ideas to life. It’s really easy!

Our Mood Board and Colour Consultation starts with Biophilic discovery, working together with you to create the perfect Biophilic design. It’s about making the process exciting and stress-free, taking the time to get to know your space, your likes and dislikes and what you want to achieve. We capture your ideas and inspiration to create contemporary Biophilic concepts bought to life in an original personal space.

This is perfect if,

  •  You have limited time on your hands
  •  You are still exploring ideas, colours, and schemes
  •  You want a bespoke, biophilic and calming environment
  •  You want to express your ideas and inspirations in an original and personal way
  •  You want the energy, vitality and positive attributes of Biophilic Design included in your space


As part of the Mood Board and Colour Consultation, you’ll receive a fully personalised mood board including; concept imagery, colour scheme options, a full concept proposal to complete the look:

  •  Paint /wallpaper
  •  Soft furnishings (fabrics, curtains, cushions, throws).
  •  Furniture
  •  Décor pieces


Our mood board service is available for the following rooms:

  •  Living room 
  •  Dining room
  •  Bedroom
  •  Nursery
  •  Playroom
  •  Entrance/hallway
  •  Study/home office

Biophilic Duo Package – £95

  •  One room
  •  Two mood boards
  •  Inspirational design pictures
  •  Window & floor treatment suggestions

Biophilic Triple Package - £139

  •  One room
  •  Three mood boards
  •  Inspirational design pictures
  •  Window & floor treatment suggestions


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